Bitching About Henbane

Sample th’ accursed cheese-wedges, lest
a ton of mischief disembark
in your barn; for crawling there
I fondle daimonaical droppings

and slivers of cold old wine
amidst the fluid glass sullen and fell,
baiting foxy felons with a napkin.
My asparagus, in portentous twitch,

locates the dark noisome matter
beneath a languid Vespa
and regurgitates vegetable solids
on Melba squares; must

aspirin dissolve like musk
in skirts, scouring and depilating
Evil over drinks? Will the ladies
fly big tablets all over town?

All last month I rebuked a brick
and a slice of egg, but today
my spats are splattered
and my hide in hives.

Let’s get starched
and turgidify ourselves,
and paste great wax balls
on the street.