Krinst Central in Reykjavik, Iceland
Krinst Central in Reykjavik, Iceland

About the Institute

The Institute of Krinst Studies was founded in 1981 by a group of scholars who shared a preoccupation with the legendary Urdichter of the American literary underground, Alvin Krinst. Its task has been to gather, rediscover, and reconstruct the Master’s oeuvre, disseminate it to a broader public, and follow developments in the post-Krinstian community at large. In addition to our many publications we hold yearly Krinstfests and other events.

The Scholars

Many renowned scholars have been Fellows of the Institute of Krinst Studies, including:

Smiler Martinez
Brenda Jixpickel
Fafnir Finkelmeyer
J. F. Mamjjasond
Walter Smart
Emily MacGregor
Merganser Dawlitt, J.S. D.D.S.
Bart Smoks
Jean-Paul Hogman
Mavis Milles-de Bronte
Bob Mung Ng
Allen Koresh
Sally Jean Erstmoot
A. A. Morth