Dudley, The Frog of Pendmorton

An Ephemeral Drama

love scene

(on stage is a likeness of a lower middle-class American living room. bathtub centre-stage. the frog of pendmorton and the housewife dance together; finally they embrace. “Oh Dudley,” she seems to say, but in fact does not.)

fight scene

(the husband comes back for his umbrella. two troops of british redcoats knock down the side walls and kneel on them. the troops fire imaginary rifles, not muskets, at each other. they leave.)


(exit all.)

funeral scene

(the husband, the housewife, and Dudley the frog of pendmorton enter. husband and housewife carry a large styrofoam penguin with a red bill. while they solemnly place the penguin in the bathtub, Dudley sits in an armchair and reads the newspaper.)